Previous winners describe them as one of a kind, the best ever.  

The talented and very sweet Wendi Spraker has been providing the door prize each week at The Danbury Songwriters performances ever since the very beginning, usually something she has made in the kitchen herself that very afternoon.  Someone each week takes home one of her delicious creations.  Wendi also shares her expertise on her popular website loavesanddishes...

A few months ago my friend, Skip Staples, approached me with what sounded like a fun little project; build a website for a music performance production and promotion group ... at least that's what I would call The Danbury Songwriters thing he described to me. Skip says it more plainly; it's not a band ... it's an event.

Well - not AN event - more like dozens of events.

Skip is one of the tribal leaders of the singer/songwriter c...

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