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Announcing The Danbury Songwriters Website

Skip Staples

A few months ago my friend, Skip Staples, approached me with what sounded like a fun little project; build a website for a music performance production and promotion group ... at least that's what I would call The Danbury Songwriters thing he described to me. Skip says it more plainly; it's not a band ... it's an event.

Well - not AN event - more like dozens of events.

Skip is one of the tribal leaders of the singer/songwriter community in the northern Piedmont Triad. He's one of the Go To people when a local non-profit or event planner needs some live music. He also hustles gigs for himself and friends at Danbury's Green Heron Ale House and helped establish another live music series at Danbury Community Church.

One of the nice things about living in a small, rural community (Danbury has fewer than 100 registered voters) is that you wind up knowing pretty much everyone. For the most part I already know many of the musicians and songwriters here in Stokes County. Helping Skip design, build, and launch this website - only one small part of the Danbury Songwriters project - has expanded my circle of creative, musical friends and contacts.

Check out the inaugural 2017 performance season that Skip has lined up for the Arts Council's brand new performance space. The Thursday evening performances are specifically designed to appeal to Hanging Rock State Park campers and visitors which have historically not sought activities and entertainment outside the park. Coupled with the town's newest restaurant (River Rock Cafe), music venue (Green Heron Ale House), and other nearby attractions the Danbury Songwriters performances at Arts Place of Stokes will - I think - be a huge hit bringing tourists and locals together in my beloved Danbury, NC.

Dale Swanson: TDS Webmaster

Cheers and here's hoping to see you every Thursday after Memorial Day 2017!

Dale Swanson - webmaster

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