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Aaron Morris

Born and raised in the creative burst of the late 20th century, Aaron Morris has dedicated his life to the pursuit of art and music. Starting at the age of 11, he plucked the guitar strings his father showed him. He quickly discovered his aptitude for visual art, design and woodworking studying under his grandfather Lloyd, a furniture maker and house builder. During the Vietnam war, Aaron was stationed in Austin, Texas, where he met the love of his life. Afterwards, he was an established visual artist for Texas Parks and Wildlife--creating museum displays, murals, and all sorts of medium.

After relocating to North Carolina--where his roots are--in the 1990’s, Aaron picked up the craft of instrument repair whether out of necessity or affection.(All his kids were studying classical music and needed instrument care.) He studied under the craftsman Nolan Johnson, who in his late days described to Aaron how to scallop a fiddle top and all the processes of building a soundbox. This was all while raising a family and <gasp> teaching high school students Drafting and Scientific Visualization.

Throughout all this time, Aaron Morris has been plucking and strumming his guitar. Heavily influenced by the Carolina blues--the likes of Etta Baker, Elizabeth Cotton, and co-conspirators of the blues--Aaron has been perfecting his craft with every performance. He brings with his experience a sense of the sublimity of music that enhances reality. Listening to this expert luthier play his creations is a pleasure and a joy to be around.

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